Wednesday, 26 November 2014
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God is still in the miracle business

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Recently, in our Church’s Wednesday Night Bible Study, we broached the topic “Can Good Come From Bad?” I can say now without second guessing, Absolutely!

 I have always been the type of Christian who was more likely to lift and praise God when I was on life’ s mountains but relied on myself and pitied myself when I walked through life’s valleys. I was quick to put the world before God in many situations, I was a poor Christian example for many, most of all my family. In Summer of 2011, I felt heavy conviction on my heart for being this type of Christian and my failure as my family’s spiritual leader. I began to question my spiritual walk, I asked God to forgive me and help me to show my family back to Him.

In late November 2011, I  developed what I thought was a simple ear infection. While taking antibiotics and trying to fight the constant infection for well over a month, I developed other health issues which would turn out to be part of a life-threatening experience.

A very rare autoimmune disorder called Wegener’s Granulomatosis would change the lives of my family and I forever. The disease struck so hard that I was flown from Springfield Regional Medical Center to Cleveland Clinic where I was placed on life support and  spent several weeks receiving aggressive, life saving treatment by some of the world’s leading medical experts. Collectively, I spent nearly two months in a hospital battling this disease. Our experience was something much greater than a medical miracle, it would be an answered prayer and one of the greatest spiritual blessings in our lives.

Through these very critical times my wife Paula, and our sons Justin and Zach, went to God in constant prayer. God’s love and mercy was revealed to us in many ways and by so many people throughout my hospitalization. We were lifted in prayer by many churches and hundreds of loving people.My family immediately went back to the Cross, the foundation our family was built on.

This experience offered several moments of uncertainty. During this trial, God revealed His
love and mercy to me and my family and He would never leave us. He carried us through this difficult time, God revealed Himself to us through our family, friends, many care providers, and even total strangers. Our sons had opportunities to share prayer and testimony to family members of other patients and I now see a renewed spirit, not only in myself, but in everyone that has been touched by this experience. God is the almighty Miracle Worker, and yes, He is still in the miracle business.

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